Measure development is a complex process; the high-level steps in the measure development process are:

  • Conceptualization: Ideas for measures are narrowed down to specific measure constructs. An environmental scan is conducted to identify relevant guidelines and quality of supporting evidence, variation in care, and gaps in measurement.
  • Development: A Technical Expert Panel (TEP) is convened and identification of the measure population, the recommended practice, and the expected outcome with a determination of how it will be measured are documented in the measure specification.
  • Testing: Feasibility, reliability, and validity testing are used to assess the suitability of the quality measure’s technical specifications and acquire empirical evidence to help assess the strengths and weaknesses of a measure.

    Through both proven and novel qualitative and quantitative measure testing methodologies, ASCO tests measures for feasibility and scientific acceptability. We initiate testing as early as possible during the measure development process and test early and often.

    ​Measure testing demonstrates that:

    • Measures capture the intended data
    • There is no significant difference in the way measures are being captured for each data source
    • Providers and consumers can be confident in measures and measure results
    • Measures can be implemented with a reasonable amount of effort
    • Measure results provide information about the quality and value of care
  • Key measure testing considerations are:
    • Data source
    • Data availability
    • Data accuracy
    • Data reliability & validity
    • Required sample sizes
    • Test site availability​
  • Implementation: Where appropriate, ASCO seeks National Quality Forum (NQF) endorsement for our measures. Moreover, ASCO’s measures are used in a variety of quality improvement programs, each having unique requirements. Before a measure is presented for adoption into a program, the applicability of the measure to that program is carefully considered.

Programs Utilizing ASCO Measures

Opportunities for Collaboration

Official Representative Requests

Organizations may be asked to nominate representatives to serve on an ASCO measure expert panel on behalf of their organization. Organizations should strive to follow standards for measure development that have been established by the Council of Medical Specialty Societies (CMSS), the NQF, and CMS’ Measure Blueprint. To request Official ASCO Representatives, please complete the ASCO Representative Form.  

Measure Licensing

ASCO measures are copyrighted, and commercial uses of the measures require a license agreement between the user and ASCO. Commercial use is defined as the sale, license, or distribution of the measures for commercial gain, or incorporation of the measure into a product or service that is sold, licensed, or distributed for commercial gain. If your organization is interested in licensing ASCO measures, please contact us.