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To improve patient care, ASCO advocates for increased federal funding for research, greater health care access, value in cancer care, and payment reform.

  • Cancer Drug Shortages: Impossible Choices

    Drug shortages are creating a crisis in cancer care. Doctors are having to choose who receives the best possible cancer therapy. Congress is considering numerous bills aimed at addressing drug shortages. Tell your representatives to end drug shortages.

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  • Advocate for Cancer Policy Priorities

    Make your voice heard with the ASCO ACT Network. The ACT Network allows you to send pre-drafted messages directly to your Members of Congress on legislative issues important to ASCO and the cancer care community.

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  • Protect Patient Access to Timely, Appropriate Cancer Care

    ASCO urges Congress to protect patient access to timely, appropriate care by reforming prior authorization, which requires providers to secure pre-approval as a condition of payment or insurance coverage of services, which can delay access to critical patient care.

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  • ASCO Advocates for Federally Funded Cancer Research

    Federal funding for cancer research has led to significant advances in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life for patients. Urge Congress to build on its investment in cancer research to maintain the pace of scientific discovery and continue progress against cancer.

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"ASCO is the world’s largest and arguably most influential oncology organization… a dynamic organization that not only is advancing the frontiers of research, providing outstanding educational opportunities, and defining standards of practice for clinical care, but also influencing public policy."
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