To learn more about the ASCO measurement science program and development process, access the full ASCO Measure Methodology Manual.

ASCO follows the principles of measurement science utilizing a rigorous, evidence-based, and multi-disciplinary development process that has been refined and standardized since its inception. This process combines staff expertise in measurement science and development methodology with the clinical expertise of multi-specialty, multi-disciplinary Technical Expert Panels (TEPs) to develop measures that lead to improved health outcomes for patients.

Key measure development considerations:

  • Supporting evidence and link to outcomes
  • Gaps and/or variations in care
  • Gaps in measurement
  • Feasibility of measure implementation

ASCO requires conflict of interest (COI) disclosure by individuals involved in measure development and sets limits on the financial relationships that panel members can have with companies that could reasonably be affected by care delivered in accordance with the developed measures. For more information, read ASCO's COI policy and implementation processes.