Quality Measures

Quality measures are essential to improving care quality, resource use, and patient outcomes. There is an increased demand for the development of robust, evidence-based quality measures. Clinicians and healthcare organizations use clinical quality measures to assess care and identify opportunities for improvement for the purposes of quality improvement and accountability.  To close existing gaps in care, there is an interest in measures that are broadly applicable, meaningful, and patient-centered. Clinical quality measures offer opportunities to improve the quality of patient care by assessing the structures, clinical processes, and clinical and patient-reported outcomes associated with the ability to provide high-quality health care.

Measurement science at ASCO includes three distinct but well-integrated areas — measure development, measure specifications, and measure testing — each of which is essential to producing high-quality measures ready for widespread adoption and implementation.

Visit the ASCO Measures Library for the complete list of ASCO Measures.

Submit Concepts for Measure Development 

Please complete the Measure Topic Submission Form by Tuesday, January 2 to propose a potential topic for measure development. You may also provide additional documentation relevant to the topic submission by emailing measurement@asco.org. Completion of the measure topic submission form is the first step in the evaluation of a measure concept to be considered for future development by the ASCO Measure Development Team.  Assistance with completing the form is available by contacting measurement@asco.org.

Please note that every submission will be reviewed by ASCO staff prior to being presented to and evaluated by the ASCO Measures Steering Group (MSG), charged with oversight of ASCO measure development activities. MSG will present their final recommendations for approval by ASCO Joint Certification Committee. While it is not guaranteed that your submission will be prioritized for development, we thank you for taking the time to submit a topic and look forward to reviewing your measure concept(s).

View our Measures Library, Open Comment, and Measures in Development pages for more information.

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