Smiling and laughing individuals sit at a long table with microphones.

Members of ASCO's Regional Councils gather during a session at the 2023 ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois.

ASCO understands that our members face unique challenges in delivering high quality, equitable patient care around the world. In an effort to learn more about these challenges and understand the landscape of oncology on a regional level, ASCO is launching and sustaining Regional Councils. These Councils are composed of leaders who are helping ASCO identify the needs of international members; they also facilitate and encourage member involvement in ASCO’s global activities. ASCO’s Regional Councils are intended to:

  • Advise ASCO on the needs and challenges of members in their respective regions
  • Help ASCO to identify and adapt programs and services that can be used to address regional challenges
  • Identify opportunities and best practices that could be applied to other regions
  • Provide a forum for Regional Council members to network, collaborate, and work on local solutions
  • Raise awareness of and increase engagement with ASCO opportunities

Current regional councils:

ASCO encourages you to contact your regional representative to explore regional opportunities and participation. Email us for the contact information of your regional representative.

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