The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) receives many requests for ASCO endorsement for specific projects from individuals or organizations applying for grants or other competitive opportunities. ASCO has established an internal review process to review requests for letters of support for research projects.

ASCO will provide letters of support only in circumstances where there is a clear role for ASCO or an ASCO representative. ASCO prioritizes projects that shape the future of cancer care through data-driven innovation. Projects that request a letter of support should clearly support ASCO’s mission to conquer cancer through research, education, and promotion of the highest quality and equitable patient care. Generally, there must be a specified role in the project where ASCO, an appointed representative, or staff of the Society will serve as a collaborator, a sub-investigator, a contractor, or a consultant. Other roles might include but are not limited to: an informal consultant, advisory committee member, or data analyst. It is expected that such potential interactions with ASCO will have been discussed during the development of the project proposal and prior to the request for the provision of a letter of support.

For individuals seeking letters documenting their volunteer service with ASCO, please contact us.

Individuals or organizations wishing to make a request that meets these standards should complete the required form and include a description of the project or grant as well as a draft letter of support for ASCO review. 

Apply for a Letter of Support

Questions should be directed to our CENTRA team.