As the world’s leading professional organization for physicians and others engaged in clinical cancer research and cancer patient care, ASCO publishes and presents a wide range of oncologist-approved cancer information, educational and practice tools, and other unique content.

Organizations may license pre-existing products that have been independently developed by or for ASCO. ASCO products are licensed in bulk quantities or for wide distribution on an “as is” basis and may not be modified, except through labeling, packaging, and placement options offered or approved by ASCO. Opportunities for licensing include:

  • Live events occurring after an ASCO meeting or symposium;
  • ASCO Direct webinars and on-demand programs featuring summaries of science from an ASCO Meeting presented by local or international experts, with Q&A opportunity;
  • Onsite wrap-up events occurring at the end of an ASCO meeting;
  • On-demand abstracts, videos, slides, and posters from ASCO meetings;
  • Bulk access to ASCO meeting content and Digital Education Courses, including ASCO-SEP
  • ASCO Educational Book articles;
  • Coverage of ASCO Daily News and peer-reviewed Conference Reports from ASCO meetings;
  • Customized educational portals; and
  • Much more!

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