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To learn more about the Oncology Medical Home standards and ASCO Certified recognition from ASCO, please click the button below and submit your questions.

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Benefits for ASCO Certified Practices Include

  • Recognition through ASCO, the oncology professional society, as a Preferred Quality Provider to payers and all cancer care delivery stakeholders in delivering high quality, Patient-Centered, value-based care.
  • Single set of evidence-based standards for all practice types/sizes that support gap analysis and provides a comprehensive roadmap to high quality cancer care for the entire patient journey.
  • Certification is comprehensive including care delivery from diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, end-of-life care, including chemotherapy safety standards.
  • Consistency and clarity for high quality, Patient-Centered, value-based care.
  • A fostered culture of self-examination, ongoing assessment, and continual quality improvement.
  • Participation in a learning collaborative for practice/health system sharing to approach to standards implementation, best practices, and successful experiences. 
  • Ongoing Assessment and Improvement support from ASCO oncology quality professionals including one-day Quality Training Program. 
  • Prepares the cancer care teams for the reformation and recognition of care delivery based on quality and value. 
  • Certification and Standards are utilized as the value-based care delivery program by some plans/payers.

How to Achieve ASCO Certified Recognition and Award

ASCO Certified has launched a new application portal. Practices starting an application will be directed to the ASCO Certification Portal. For step-by-step application instructions, please refer to the ASCO Certified Application Portal User Guide.

View ASCO Certified Application User Guide

Step 1: Submit Eligibility and Application/Questionnaire. The application process consists of a participation agreement, a practice questionnaire including site date selection, and certification fees.

Step 2: Participate in a Site Survey. An experienced oncology professional will visit a practice to assess compliance with the Care Delivery Standards demonstrated documentation, observable processes, and data review including oncology treatment pathway utilization and patient feedback surveys.

Step 3: Receive Site Survey Report. Applicants will receive a Site Survey Report documenting their level of compliance with each certification standard and making recommendations or requirements for improved care. If there are requirements for compliance, practices must work on a plan to address the deficiencies.

Step 4: Receive Certification Decision. Once a practice is fully compliant with the ASCO-COA Oncology Medical Home Standards, the practice is ASCO Certified.

Step 5: Ongoing Assessment. Once a practice has been awarded ASCO Certified recognition, there will be reviews annually and as needed based as described in the Participation Guide.

Step 6: Quality Measures. Practices are responsible for submitting quality measure data/results at regular intervals as detailed in the Participation Guide. Data results are applied to the quality improvement process to improve performance and patient outcomes.

ASCO-COA Oncology Medical Home StandardsInfographic showing the seven standards that make up the ASCO Certified program

ASCO Certified is based on the Oncology Medical Home (OMH) Standards from ASCO and the Community Oncology Alliance (COA). These standards, which were published in JCO Oncology Practice in July 2021 aim to establish core elements needed to deliver equitable, high-quality cancer care and achieve broad consensus among all stakeholders on what patients with cancer should expect and receive from their cancer care teams.

The OMH standards focus on seven different domains of cancer care, including patient engagement; availability and access to care; evidence-based medicine; equitable and comprehensive team-based care; quality improvement; goals of care, palliative and end-of-life care discussions; and chemotherapy safety.

OMH Standards and ASCO Certified Webinar

The Standards Webinar is required for all applicants and covers all OMH Standards and how to apply and prepare for a site survey.

ASCO Certified and Standards Resources

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To learn more about the Oncology Medical Home standards and ASCO Certified recognition from ASCO, please click the button below and submit your questions.

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