ASCO is providing support in the recognition of burnout and the promotion of well-being in oncology. In May 2019, the ASCO Ethics Committee held a Burnout and Moral Distress in Oncology Roundtable. From those discussions, a call to action was published in JCO OP in March 2020 outlining recommendations to address this issue: A Call to Action: Ethics Committee Roundtable Recommendations for Addressing Burnout and Moral Distress in Oncology.

Based on this call to action, ASCO established the Oncology Clinician Well-Being Task Force, whose mission aims to improve the quality, safety, and value of cancer care by enhancing the well-being of oncology clinicians and the sustainability of oncology practices. This Task Force has defined clinician well-being and developed a roadmap for broadening resources in this arena. ASCO provides a variety of tools and resources specific to oncology professionals and the full oncology care team to help navigate through difficult and challenging times. Please check this page frequently as additional resources will continue to be added.

What Is Clinician Well-Being?

The ASCO Oncology Clinician Well-Being Task Force defines clinician well-being as an integrative concept that characterizes quality of life encompassing an individual's work- and personal health-related environmental, organizational, and psychosocial factors. Well-being is the state of experiencing positive perceptions about patients, colleagues, and staff and high engagement with one's clinical work in the presence of working conditions that enable that clinician to thrive. To experience well-being is to feel satisfied with one's clinical work, to find meaning in that work, and to experience professional growth and fulfillment.

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