In general, the embargo on all abstracts accepted to an ASCO Meeting or co-sponsored Symposia lifts on the date and time the abstract is publicly released by ASCO. Meeting-specific embargo policies and information is provided below.

2024 ASCO Quality Care Symposium

  • Regular abstracts will be released at 5:00 PM (ET) on Monday, September 23, 2024.

2024 ASCO Breakthrough

  • Regular abstracts will be released at 5:00 PM (ET) on Monday, August 5, 2024.

2024 ASCO Annual Meeting

  • Regular abstracts will be released at 5:00 PM (ET) on Thursday, May 23, 2024.
  • Late-Breaking Abstracts (LBAs) will be released at 7:00 AM (CT)/8:00 AM (ET) on their day of presentation at the Meeting.

ASCO News Media Policies

ASCO welcomes journalists to cover its Meetings taking place throughout 2024:

Embargo Policies
News media are required to abide by the embargo and confidentiality policies governing each Meeting. Abstracts will be publicly released online at at the time of embargo lift. This Embargo Policy covers all abstracts accepted as part of the Meeting regardless of whether information is obtained from another source.

Benefits for Media
Individuals granted media credentials from ASCO receive the following complimentary benefits for all ASCO Meetings that fall within the one-year period their credentials are active:

  • Access to embargoed press materials, abstracts, press briefings, and press briefing slides (if applicable)
  • Access to livestream sessions and on-demand meeting content (includes posters and video recordings of nearly all sessions)
  • Access to ASCO Experts
  • Assistance with facilitating interviews with study authors, meeting faculty, and/or cancer experts

Additional benefits are available for credentialed media who register to attend ASCO Meetings in person:

  • Access to hotel room block
  • Admission to all Scientific and Education sessions (ticketed sessions are not open to media)
  • Press briefing access (if applicable)
  • Use of on-site media facilities, dedicated interview rooms/space, and satellite filming locations

Apply for Media Credentials
Apply through
ASCO’s Media Headquarters (HQ),

ASCO requires that individuals represent news outlets/publications that:

  • Publish ongoing (>6 months), original news content
  • If sponsored, have more than one sponsor
  • Have complete editorial independence and freedom from sponsors/advertisers
  • Have an editorial board or editorial oversight
  • Do not provide services that extend beyond publishing news content
    Exception: See below for CME requirements

Additional requirements for outlets/publications meeting the above criteria:

  • Outlets/publications that produce CME content must have at least a 4:1 ratio of editorial to CME content
  • Medical journals must:
    • Be peer-reviewed
    • Publish original manuscripts
    • Have a regular editorial news section or a supplemental conference news section
  • Newsletters must:
    • Be widely published and publicly available
    • Primarily cover cancer news (corporate, investment, and institutional newsletters not eligible)
  • If content is behind a paywall, a login that allows full access to the website must be provided for the purposes of verifying eligibility and reviewing meeting coverage.

Individuals representing outlets/publications that meet the criteria above must apply directly to ASCO (third-party registrations are not accepted), agree to the Confidentiality and Embargo Policies, and provide:

  1. A photocopy of official press credentials in the form of:
    • National/International press card/ID,
    • Editorial roster/masthead from publication, or
    • Proof of active membership in a professional society for journalists/science writers (such as the Association of Health Care Journalists or the National Association of Science Writers)
  2. Letter of assignment from editor (not required for editors), which must include editor’s full name, email address, and phone number
  3. A sample of the publication (two samples required for newsletters)
  4. Two recently published (<6 months) examples of your medical/health/scientific news content that represent the type of meeting news coverage that will be produced (bylined content preferred)
  5. If previously attended the Meeting, coverage from the previous year specifically from the publication you were credentialed under.

A limited number of freelance journalists who predominantly cover medical/health/science but do not have a letter of assignment are eligible to obtain ASCO media credentials to access embargoed meeting information if they meet the following requirements:

  1. Provide copies of and/or links to three examples of medical/health/scientific content (bylined content preferred) published in outlets or publications that meet ASCO’s media criteria within the last 6 months
  2. Have an active membership in a professional society for journalists/science writers (such as the Association of Health Care Journalists or the National Association of Science Writers)
  3. Provide previous coverage of ASCO (if applicable)

There is a review period for media credentialing requests, and we encourage reporters to request credentials at least two weeks in advance of the meeting’s embargo lift in order to obtain timely access to embargoed media materials. 

Not Eligible for Media Credentials
Individuals representing companies in the following categories or conducting the following activities are not eligible for media credentials and do not qualify for media registration:

  • Foundation, charity, philanthropic organization, patient advocacy organization, or professional society informational products
  • Financial analysis
  • CME
  • Sales of products or services
  • Marketing, advertising, public relations
  • Publishers
  • Book authors
  • Communications, print, and online promotion services
  • CEOs, presidents, and other business leadership
  • Personal websites
  • Social networking platforms
  • Patient advocates (refer to Patient Advocate registration details listed on each meeting’s website for more details)

Use of media privileges to work for non-credentialed organizations or other media outlets not credentialed by ASCO is strictly prohibited. Individuals working for multiple outlets/publications must confirm with ASCO in advance that each outlet meets ASCO’s requirements.

Register to Attend the Meeting in Person
Individuals with approved media credentials may request to attend a meeting in person through their
ASCO Media HQ account. Due to space constraints, on-site attendance is limited to the following unless otherwise approved:

For Thematic Symposia:
On-site attendance is limited to 1 representative per outlet/publication

For the Annual Meeting:
On-site attendance is limited to 3 representatives per outlet/publication, with the following exceptions: 

  • Oncology-specific publications/outlets that do not produce CME content may have up to 6 representatives
  • Medical journals are limited to 1 representative
  • Newsletters are limited to 1 representative
  • Multiple publications produced by the same company are limited to 1 representative per publication up to a maximum number determined by ASCO

Dual registration is prohibited. Meeting attendees may select only one type of registration. Physicians covering the conference for a media outlet must register as either a regular attendee or member of an approved media outlet. Media may not be included in a group registration, and physicians registered as media may not earn CME credits. Registration types may not be changed on site.

Register by email: Contact ASCO Media Registration.
A maximum of two media crew (photographer, videographers, and/other production crew members) per outlet/publication are permitted to accompany approved media on site. Advance written approval is required. Media Crew will not have access to embargoed information in advance of the meeting. Send registration requests to ASCO Media Registration (please do not attempt to register through Media HQ), and include:

  • Requested number of crew members and each crew member’s specific on-site role
  • Additional supporting documentation may be required

Inquire via email:
Contact ASCO Media Registration

ASCO will consider providing badged news media access to attend the meeting in person for bloggers and social media influencers on a case-by-case basis, depending on the depth of editorial coverage and reach. ASCO will also consider production companies and documentary film crews, provided written requests are submitted to ASCO Media Registration at least one month in advance of the meeting. Requests must include:

  1. Information on the production company
  2. Film/documentary treatment
  3. Marketing and distribution plans
  4. Information on sponsors (single-sponsored productions will not be considered)

On-Site Policies for In-Person Meetings

All media interviews must be pre-arranged. Impromptu “person on the street” interviews are prohibited. ASCO Meetings offer private interview spaces for media use on a first-come, first-served basis for news coverage of the meeting.

Media are welcome to:

  • Use images from the ASCO Photo Gallery in news coverage, citing copyright information provided in each photo caption. (Non-media with an interest in using images from the Photo Gallery must contact ASCO’s Permissions Team).
  • Submit requests for the ASCO photographer to take specific photos at least 24 hours in advance of the photo opportunity.

Registered media are permitted to conduct photography, videotaping, and audio recording in the following areas of the convention center only:

  • Press Room
  • Designated satellite filming locations where available (reservations required)
  • Common areas (excluding the Exhibit Hall), with the use of a handheld device (no tripods or backdrops permitted) and with permission of the attendee(s) interviewed

Important Guidelines for Meetings Held at the Moscone West Building in San Francisco:

Unescorted videotaping is restricted to the on-site Press Room and Press Filming Room. Please note, there will not be any media satellite filming locations throughout the convention center.

Exception: B-roll footage of the convention space is permitted with an approved ASCO camera tag. Production crews and equipment must never disrupt the flow of meeting traffic or impede movement through walkways.

Any media/camera crews wanting to plug in to a wall outlet in the Press Filming Room—battery powered cameras and/or lights are allowed without advance coordination—may be required to hire a local union technician, which requires payment for a set minimum number of hours for a labor call. Advance coordination with ASCO is strongly encouraged, as the turnaround time for a request made onsite cannot be guaranteed. If you have filming needs at an ASCO Meeting in this location, please contact the Media Registration Team to coordinate logistics.

Non-flash photography of presenters during Scientific and Education Sessions is permitted provided you do not interfere with the presentation or ASCO’s professional photographer.

The following are prohibited for registered media and commercial purposes:

  • Video or audio recording of or in Education and Scientific Sessions (exception: pre-arranged interview at a poster without an ASCO staff escort or brief b-roll shot of a session with official ASCO staff camera escort is present)
  • Photography of slide presentations
  • Photography or videotaping in the Exhibit Hall (exception: pre-arranged interview at a poster)

Allowed for personal, social, and non-commercial use only:
Use of hand-held recording devices for:

  • Non-flash photography of slide presentations
  • Audio and video recording of excerpts from Scientific and Education Sessions
  • Filming in the common areas of the Meeting convention center space

Use of tripod equipment for:

  • Filming at the designated satellite filming location(s) within the Meeting convention center space

Media are welcome to:

  • Use slides presented in the meeting press briefings in news coverage
  • Obtain written permission from an author for use of slides not included in the ASCO press briefings (e.g., slides from Scientific Session presentation) and/or posters. Authors retain copyright to their full slide presentations and posters, and all copyright laws apply to the reproduction, distribution and/or publication of author slides and posters. Use of slides and posters without written consent from the author is prohibited.

ASCO is committed to providing a professional, collegial, safe, supportive, and respectful meeting environment. For more information. All registered attendees, including media, are subject to the Attendee Policies Please also refer to the Health and Safety page for each meeting for more information.

For security reasons, meeting badges:

  • Are required for admittance to all events and press facilities
  • Must be worn and visible at all times
  • Are the sole property of ASCO
  • Are non-transferable (may not be shared)

False certification of individuals as Media or paid meeting attendees, misuse of badges, assisting unauthorized persons to gain access to any ASCO Meeting event or materials, or any inappropriate or unauthorized conduct will be just cause for:

  • Repossessing badges
  • Revoking media credentials of any individuals involved
  • Expelling all parties involved from the meeting without obligation for refund of any fees

In addition, individuals who attend or are part of an ASCO Meeting may not engage in any demonstrations or other behavior that ASCO deems to be potentially disruptive to the conduct of the meeting. Violation of this rule is grounds for immediate dismissal from the meeting and/or ineligibility for attendance at future ASCO Meetings.

Any individual dismissed from the meeting may request that ASCO review the matter, provided the individual understands that such dismissal will be effective immediately and will continue until and unless ASCO issues a contrary decision.

Further Questions
Additional press materials and information are available via the Meeting Media Resource Centers.

Please contact ASCO Media Registration  for assistance with media credentialing and/or in-person registration requests. If you have questions about the Embargo Policy or need immediate assistance, contact the ASCO Media Team.

For Additional Information
Contact ASCO Communications for questions related to the embargo and/or confidentiality policies.