Oncology Team-Based Care

"Teams are defined as two or more people who ‘interact dynamically, interdependently, and adaptively’ to accomplish a shared goal."

Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) have been and continue to be an integral part of oncology care and a vital component of a successful oncology care team for all types of practice settings.

ASCO is your partner in your practice support & management needs. ASCO provides information on why effective teams are crucial, and how to best implement them, along with case studies and research on basic principles of establishing an oncology care team.

Learn more about what the ASCO Clinical Practice Committee's APP Task Force is doing to help emphasize APPs' important role in oncology practices by reading the ASCO Connection article, ASCO APP Task Force Champions Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) and Their Role on the Oncology Care Team.

Understand why oncology care teams with APPs are effective by

Learn how to implement effective teams at your practice with models and practical strategies, and how clinicians can work well as a team by

Explore evidence, research, and studies surrounding teams in cancer care delivery from ASCO’s and NCI’s Cancer Care Delivery Workshop:

Onboarding and Orientation

Whether an advanced practice provider (APP) is new to the oncology specialty or is bringing years of oncology experience, providing comprehensive training, mentorship, onboarding, and orientation for new APPs is crucial to their individual success as well as the success of the oncology care team.

Clinical Oncology Education

ASCO offers a wide array of clinical education for oncology advanced practice providers, either for ongoing education or providing an introduction to new topics. Below are the educational courses that may be of particular interest to APPs. Additional educational courses can be accessed in ASCO’s Education catalog.

Oncology Topics

Management of Oncologic Emergencies

Cultural Literacy

Cancer Pain

Role of Surgery in Multidisciplinary Cancer Care

Biostatistics in Oncology


Beyond Cytotoxics: Targeted Biologic Agents

Genetics and Genomics