What would you do if your doctor told you they knew how to treat your cancer, but couldn't get the medicine to do so?

How would you feel if the doctor had to choose between giving your loved one or someone else the best possible cancer therapy?

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These are the impossible choices facing cancer doctors today. Acute shortages of many critical cancer drugs are forcing doctors to decide which of their patients gets the recommended therapy and who has their care delayed or must make do with alternative treatments.

Over the past few years, the U.S. has experienced an increasing number of shortages of essential medications, including 15 cancer drugs that have been in short supply. While drug shortages have been an issue for a long time, the latest emergency situation has created an urgent need for action. The challenges we face require systemic solutions to stop future shortages and ensure patients and their doctors have every tool they need to fight cancer.






We are calling on the United States Congress and the Administration to prioritize the passage of legislation to address this crisis including:

  • Address economic factors that drive generic manufacturers out of the market and consider stabilizing the market with long-term contracts and guaranteed prices.
  • Reward reliable U.S. manufacturing through price stabilization and investment in continuous manufacturing or other advanced manufacturing for critical and supportive drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).  
  • Recognize potential shortages by increasing the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) visibility into the supply chain so the agency can predict and respond to potential shortages earlier. 
  • Relay information about potential shortages to health systems and providers as soon as possible so they can prepare for and mitigate supply challenges.

Currently multiple pieces of legislation include various actions to address many of these important issues and we implore members of Congress to support a comprehensive solution to end drug shortages.