ASCO’s CancerLinQ® and Atropos Health Collaborate to Harness Real-World Data to Provide Point-of-Care Informatics Consult to Oncologists

May 3, 2022

On May 3, ASCO's CancerLinQ® and Atropos Health announced a new collaboration that will provide oncology clinicians with the latest real-world evidence available to help inform personalized care and treatment of an individual patient.

Atropos Health and CancerLinQ will work together to provide a “digital consult” to pressing clinical questions that are important in tailoring treatment decisions. Participating clinicians on the CancerLinQ platform will be able to request an on-demand analysis of millions of aggregated de-identified records of similar patient cases and outcomes, which will be delivered within days in the form of a “Prognostogram” report, leveraging best-in-class, peer-reviewed observational research methodologies.

“At CancerLinQ, we are guided by our commitment to deliver solutions to oncologists that improve the quality of care for patients in concrete and measurable ways,” said Sean Khozin, MD, MPH, chief executive officer of CancerLinQ LLC. “Our collaboration with Atropos Health will enable us to provide high-quality real-world evidence derived from diverse patient populations to help oncologist individualize treatment decisions at the point of care.”

“Atropos Health was founded to bring real-world evidence to providers, where care delivery can be impacted immediately with emerging data sets,” said Saurabh Gombar, MD, chief medical officer and co-founder at Atropos Health. “With CancerLinQ, we can bring insights directly to the clinic for vulnerable patients with cancer who need personalized, targeted care to maximize the chance of a positive outcome. Our goal is to ensure that this network of physicians has the tools and evidence to identify new treatments and deliver exceptional care to their patients.”

CancerLinQ’s products and services reflect a deep understanding of the needs of oncologists, cancer centers, and researchers. As a trusted partner to more than 100 cancer centers and community oncology practices, CancerLinQ is uniquely positioned to advance precision in cancer care delivery and research.

Atropos Health is the developer of the first physician informatics consultation service powered by research-grade real-world evidence. Using anonymized electronic patient records, Atropos Health helps patients, providers, health systems and research universities answer clinical questions by aggregating real-world data for similar patient cases.

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