A variety of resources are available for cancer patients and their families and/or caregivers.

ASCO’s patient information website offers survivors a wide range of oncologist-approved information about adjusting to life after a cancer diagnosis and completion of treatment. Cancer.Net resources include:

American Cancer Society
Find information about getting and staying healthy and active during and after cancer treatment, stories from other survivors, and dealing with the possibility of recurrence.

Cancer and Age Research Group
Offers information and resources on multiple topics for older adults with cancer.

Cancer Support Community
Offers important information and resources to help individuals through the journey of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Cancer Survival Toolbox
This free self-learning audio program is designed for patients and can be given to newly diagnosed patients as well as those transitioning off treatment.  The program also includes a facilitator’s manual for providers.

LIVESTRONG Survivor Interviews
Hear firsthand accounts of the experiences of other men, women and caregivers. Includes over 200 individual stories detailing personal experiences with cancer and insights on pain management, fertility, fatigue, living with uncertainty, caring for a loved one with cancer and more.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Survivorship Center
The center offers programs designed for survivors, providing physical and emotional support. The website includes a series of videos of selected meetings, lectures, and discussions designed to assist in adjustment to life after cancer treatment.

National Cancer Institute

National Coalition of Cancer Survivorship

  • The Cancer Survivorship Checklist is designed to be a simple, straightforward tool patients and caregivers can use as a guide for information critical to their care wherever they are on the cancer care continuum
  • The Cancer Survival Toolkit is a a free audio program to help people develop skills to better meet and understand the challenges of cancer
  • Talking with your Doctor was developed by cancer survivors and health care professionals, this booklet addresses the need for good communication and provides a list of sound, practical questions that patients can use when talking with their doctor
  • Self Advocacy is a booklet that focuses on self-training steps and tools to assist and empower individuals dealing with cancer
  • Your Employment Rights is a booklet that addresses the employment challenges that many survivors face and offers advice and resources to address those challenges
  • Remaining Hopeful is a booklet that defines the many ways that hope can be present in a survivor’s life and offers a place for survivors to chronicle and reflect on their cancer journey

STAR Survivorship Program
Offered through the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, the STAR (Survivors Taking Action & Responsibility) Program is a comprehensive long-term follow-up program for adult survivors of pediatric cancer that follows survivors through adulthood focusing on their special medical and psychological needs.

SurvivorLink™ is a website designed to help survivors of childhood cancer. Find information regarding late and long-term effects of cancer treatment, survivor care clinics, and insurance coverage facts.